Finally here they are: and have been released!!!

November 2002: After one complete run of the Front Row Club membership my recommendation: Worth every cent!!!

October 2002: Watch the dates for the upcoming xmas-shows!

May 2001: What a month: Anoraknophobia, Fellini Days and Sashimi made their way, almost simultaneously...

Wednesday, 28.02.2001: This is the 21st Century, a track from the new album is available on MP3.

Thursday, 23.11.2000: Details about the setlist of the Brass brewery gigs and this year's Web Fanclub XMAS-CD here.

Thursday, 23.11.2000: Marillion have announced the name of the album formerly known as M12: ANORAKNOPHOBIA!!!!

Tuesday, 03.10.2000: Marillion have announced their Web XMas-Tour.

Tuesday, 15.08.2000: Marillion have announced today that they have signed a record deal with EMI!!!

Thursday, 20.07.2000: M12 will be released as a limited double-CD for all who have preordered it by December!

Saturday, 01.07.2000: News about Candlelight in the Fog, the next official bootleg here!

Friday, 30.06.2000: Marillion will be selling their twelfth album (due to be released in early 2001) via the net and asked fans worldwide to preorder it and help finance the recording. Find all details here!

Saturday, 10.06.2000: THE NEWS!!!!! EMI will be releasing two box sets containg the singles og the Hogarth and Fish eras. Look at the tracklist for the Fishy Years here!

Thursday, 13.04.2000: Transatlantic, SMPTe´s album (N. Morse, P. Trewavas, R. Stolt, M. Portnoy) is out. Read the review here...!

Friday, 17.03.2000: Great News!!! Lucy Jordache is joining the Marillo-team!!!.

Thursday, 06.01.2000: Added concert photos: Marillion in Cologne, E-Werk 1999.

Wendesday, 17.11.1999: Marillion tour setlist and news added!!!

Finally here it is : has been released!!!

Thursday, 16.09.1999: Marillion album news added!!! Also added the Guestbook! Please sign in!

Thursday, 16.09.1999:
Hope for the Future, the Marillion Tribute CD is no longer available! Check out CDBABY for more information!

Thursday, 13.05.1999:
FAQs about the freaks mailing list added.

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