Fish live at Vredenburg - Utrecht, 12.09.1999

After I had to fear not being able to get to the hall because of work reasons, and after so many people had told me that the Vredenburg was the finest concert hall in the Netherlands, I was quite nervous when we got to Utrecht. After a short talk with Tammy we entered the venue, and.... WOW!!!! I have seen many venues, but this one ist REALLY special!!! Friends had reserved seats (Thanks Jürgen & Mario!!!) and so we had a very good view onto the stage.
Shortly after 8:15 John Wesley entered the stage as "support act" (see photo above), although already being part of the family. I had never seen him live before, and was absolutely amazed. I though the records were really good, but I would have never expected that he was able to top this live!!!!
Elisabeth Antwi's voice fit perfectly into the tracks where she joined, and especially JGF was a highlight of the show. The photo above shows Fish and Liz doing the chorus. What I cannot understand is why they left Incomplete out of the set?!
The band was in top form, and Wes guitar playing let me almost forget about the missing of Robin Boult and Frank Usher...Good choice!!!
I was glad to see the CaS-trio again, and the audience honored it by whole-heartedly cheering and singing along.
Well, what had interested me most about this tour was the way PoG would work live... and I was amazed. Fish started the whole thing in a storytelling style, explaining how he got to write the lyrics. Reminded me of the intro to "Return to the Centre of the Earth", though.... Although he had to read some of the lyrics from a sheet of paper (as you cann see above), it didn´t look out of place! An absolute highlight!

Intro: No Business like Show Business
Faith Healer
Just Good Friends
Brother 52
Goldfish and Clowns
Hotel Hobbies
That Time of the Night
Warm Wet Circles
Plague of Ghosts
Perception of Johnny Punter
Sunsets on Empire
The Company

Vocals: Fish
Guitar: John Wesley
Keyboards: Tony Turrell
Bass : Steve Vantsis
Drums: Squeeky Stewart
BackVox: Elisabeth Antwi