May 01:
Finally the twelfth album is here: Anoraknophobia. And it´s different... again. A lot of influences, a lot of new sounds and ideas, but the "old" Marillion shine through, still. Listen to "When I meet God" or "Map of the World", and if these don´t grab your, I cannot help you....

November 00:
After the secret Brass brewery gigs, Marillion unveilled their plan for this year's Web XMAS-CD: A complete album containing tracks from these gigs, including the new track "No. 1".

Did you know they played Cinderella Search there? If not, here´s the tracklist of the gigs (not every track will be on the CD, of course...), containing some interesting cover versions:

After Me
Lap of Luxury
Cinderella Search
The Space
A Collection
Afraid of Sunrise
No. 1
Dry Land
Sugar Mice
80 Days
The Answering Machine
How Will You Go
Cannibal Surf Babe
Way Over Yonder
Let It Be

July 00:
One of the greatest news of this millennium: Lucy Jordache has finally managed to get the rights for "Dry Land", the CD of Steve Hogarth´s former bad. How We Live back from Sony. Racket Records will be rereleasing the remastered album together with two bonus tracks from August on. Featuring.... right: Dry Land, better known by Marillion (and the version is quite similar to the final one by los Marillos!!!)
July 00:
The pre-release version of the twelfth Marillion-album will be a limited 2CD-version with a huge multimedia part consisting of videos of the making of the album, etc. Unavailable elsewhere and definitely it will not be in the stores!!!

So here´s your chance! Orderbefore December directly at Racket Records and support your favourite artists directly!!!
June 00:
Marillion have decided to sell their next album over the Internet. They asked the fans to decide whether they would order (and pay) the new album more than six months before it is released, and more than 95 percent of the thousands of replies were positive.

So here´s your chance! Order the new album directly at Racket Records and take the chance to receive a special limited edition of the album before the official release date!

I ordered mine yesterday, so GO!!!!!
June 00:
EMI will be releasing two single box sets containing both the singles of the Fishy years and the singles of the Hogarth years. Each single will contain every track of every format of the original single, which gives a complete view on what came out originally. Find below the tracklist for the Fishy Years.

More details to follow....


CD 1:
1/ Market Square Heroes (4.15)
2/ Three Boats Down From The Candy (4.29)
3/ Grendel (17.14)

CD 2
1/ He Knows You Know (Edited 7" version)(3.30)
2/ Charting The Single (4.50)
3/ He Knows You Know (Edited 12" version)(5.05)

CD 3
1/ Garden Party (Edited version)(4.29)
2/ Margaret (Edited Live: Edinburgh Playhouse April 7th '83) (4.09)
3/ Garden Party (7.15)
4/ Charting The Single (Live: Hammersmith Odeon Aril 18th '83) (6.30)
5/ Margaret (Live: Edinburgh Playhouse April 7th '83) (12.17)

CD 4
1/ Punch And Judy (3.19) (7" version)
2/ Market Square Heroes (Edited Re-recorded version) (3.56)
3/ Three Boats Down From The Candy (Re-recorded) (3.59)
4/ Market Square Heroes (Re-recorded version) (4.45)

CD 5
1/ Assassing (7" version) (3.39)
2/ Cinderella Search (7" version) (4.19)
3/ Assassing (7.01)
4/ Cinderella Search (5.24)

CD 6
1/ Kayleigh (Single edit) (3.33)
2/ Lady Nina (Single edit) (3.41)
3/ Kayleigh (Alternative mix) (3.57)
4/ Kayleigh (Extended version) (4.00)
5/ Lady Nina Extended version) (5.46)

CD 7
1/ Lavender (3.40)
2/ Freaks (4.04)
3/ Lavender Blue (4.18)

CD 8
1/ Heart Of Lothian (3.49)
2/ Chelsea Monday (Live: Utrecht Vredenburg October 15th '85)
3/ Heart Of Lothian (5.43)

CD 9
1/ Incommunicado (3.56)
2/ Going Under (2.47)
3/ Incommunicado (Album version) (5.16)

CD 10
1/ Sugar Mice (5.47)
2/ Tux On (5.12)
3/ Sugar Mice (Radio edit) (5.00)
4/ Sugar Mice (Extended version) (6.08)

CD 11
1/ Warm Wet Circles (7" remix) (4.23)
2/ White Russians (Live: Loreley July 18th '87) (6.09)
3/ Incommunicado (Live: Loreley July 18th '87) (5.27)

CD 12
1/ Freaks (Live) (4.12)
2/ Kayleigh (Live) (4.08)
3/ Childhoods End? (Live) (3.10)
4/ White Feather (Live) (4.00)
April 00:
Transatlantic, the album from SMPT:e (Roine Stolt, Neil Morse, Mike Portnoy, Pete Trewavas) has been released. Read the review here....
... and be sure to buy the album, it´s a killer!!!!
March 00:
The boys are back in the studio working on album no. 12. Visit the official website and listen to some exclusive outtakes directly from the Racket Club.
March 00:
Great News!!!! Lucy Jordache of EMI fame, responsible for the remaster series, has decided to join the Marillion-team. She will take responsibility for PR activities and try to bring the boys back into public attention. If you´ve got ideas or contacts, contact her!
December 99:
The Christmas CD has been delivered by the clubs. It is marvellous!!!!! Besides a wonderful rendition of the traditional christmas song "Gabriel´s Message" it contains 8 other tracks, including an Acid-version of Memory of water and the accoustic tracks recorded for the cancelled French mini-tour. Join The Web NOW!!!!

November 99:
The setlist from the gigs so far:


under the sun

the uninvited guest





afraid of sunlight

the great escape

memory of water (big beat mix)




interior lulu



slainte mhath

The Zodiac-CD is available at the gigs!!!!

October 99:
The original Marillion website (run by Jeroen Schipper) contains a scan of the Photos on the Go and identify yourself or HAVE FUN while getting faces to names you always wanted to see! BTW: I am number 266!
October 99:, the eleventh Marillion studio album has been released. Read my personal review!

The packaging is not the same in all countries. At the moment it seems that all European countries have the digipack packaging, except Germany which has a jewel case CD. Biggest difference: in the German booklet three of four pages containing the fan pics are a bit darkened, while the Digipack has a seperate booklet and the photo gallery is the inner sleeve of the pack itself and all photos are clear!

There will be no bonus tracks on the US- and Japan-releases of
October 99:
The official Marillion website has been completely reworked. It contains infos about the album, soundclips of all songs, lyrics, a new band biography and much more. CHECK IT OUT!!!

The new album will contain a postcard where you can order an enhanced bonus CD with different material, multimedia gadgets, etc.

September 99:
The band have announced that they finished mixing the new album, and are on target to release in mid-ctober. tracks on the album have been mixed nick davis (who produced the debut album),
steve wilson from porcupine tree has also influenced a large portion of the album; and remaining tracks were mixed by trevor vallis. Watch out for news on the official Marillion Web Site from the beginning of October, and watch this space!!!!

Find below the tracklist. Has anyone complained about Radiation being too short? Does that satisfy you?! ;-D))

a legacy 6:16
deserve 4:23
go! 6:11
rich 5:42
enlightened 4:59
built-in bastard radar 4:52
tumble down the years 4:33
interior lulu 15:14
house 10:15

September 99:
The convention is through and Steve Wilson, head of Porcupine tree and involved in the mixing of the albums, let some information slip through: The title of the new album will be ..........!!! No joke!!! The pictures of a whole lot of fans will be on the cover, and the estimated release date will be October 18th, maybe a week later. From what was to hear the album will be a killer!!!! More news to come...
July 99:
Stocks of Hope for the Future, the Marillion Tribute CD are running low! There will be no repressings, so hurry up!!! Check out CDBABY!
June 99:

GREAT NEWS from Racket Club and the Boys! The Eleventh Studio Album is almost recorded and Marillion are about to mix the album. From what we heard the album is stunning, and it contains the two "new" tracks from the XMas-CD ("Tumble down the Years" and "Interior Lulu" in reworked versions). The information below is from the Web UK newsletter:

Interior Lulu - completely re-worked and now stretching to 20 minutes! Fear it!

A Legacy - Cathedral Wall Part 2.If Cathedral Wall was the James Bond theme, this is the bad guy's music! Well, apart from the poppy 70´s-style chorus.

Tumble Down the Years - a bit grittier than the 'radiation' session, heading towards The Byrds.

Built-in Bastard Radar - "...Every chick on earth's got built-in bastard radar" AND a fuzz-bass solo - pure Rock´n´ Roll!!!!

Upside Down - wild guitar effects, and a slow build to a huge end: With a hidden bit of Prince, "the artist", from his "Diamonds and Pearls" era...

Rich - starts off 70's rock, but ends up with a psychedelic world-beat style jam.

Deserve - straight forward driving rock.. "You get what you deserve..." - could be the single

The Forks of the Lightning - h says it is “the Hendrix ballad he never wrote.”

This House Aches - the working title was “the Massive Attack song.” Dub reggae land.

Although nine songs are being worked on not all may make it to the album....
May 99:

The Marillion Tribute CD has been published!!! Click HERE!!!